Most investors feel overwhelmed.  We help you organize and simplify your financial life by listening, understanding, and working with you.  Together we can help you reach your financial goals.

Individuals and Businesses

Whether you are an individual investor or a business owner;

Whether you want the support of an advisor to walk you through the stages of your financial life,

Or you need the advice of an advisor to find solutions for your complex financial life,

We have the resources to help you.

A Unique Approach to Your Financial Life

Drawbridge Wealth is a division of Capital Markets IQ, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisory firm. 

Through Drawbridge Wealth and CMIQ, clients have access to proprietary, rules-based investment models as well as traditional investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. 

Through our relationships with in-house experts, clients also have access to non-traditional investments including options, puts, foreign exchange trading, and cannabis stock investment models.  Our insurance specialists offer life insurance and annuities for tax-planning, retirement and wealth transfer strategies.  Our business specialists offer business retirement plans including defined benefit, defined contribution and 401(k) advice.  Our in-house counsel offers credit analysis and business analysis.

Our Process

We start with a conversation to get to know each other.  We will talk about your current financial life, your future goals and we discuss your risk tolerance.  We look for any gaps. This leads us to analyze what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. From there we will start to talk about solutions.  Not only investments for your accounts, but your whole financial life.

Just as everyone is different, their financial plan should be different also.  

We have access to a long-standing global network of professionals to help solve whatever financial issues you may face.  With the help of these experts, we can create a customized plan tailored to you.

What We Offer

Traditional Investments



Mutual Funds


Sophisticated Strategies

Rules-based investment models

Customized investment models

Alternative Investments


Foreign Exchange

Professional Advice

Investment Advice

Retirement Advice

Relationships with other Professionals